To the man who started it all…Happy birthday!

The entire Hair Construction Team (#TeamHC) would like to wish a big, huge, sexy, sloppy HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one Mr. Palle Freese!!!

For longer than he will admit, Palle has dedicated his life and career to building #TeamHC into what it is today, which is an amazing group of great people who do #KickassHair!

As a former Artistic Director of big brands like Joico and American Crew, Palle quickly realized that hair education was really missing simple documentation, something hairdressers could later reference and review what they saw on stage or in classes and seminars. He knew that creating the documentation, what we now call hairstyle recipes, would be a key ingredient to help improve and spread great hairdressing across the industry and the globe. It is this mission Palle has worked hard for and has achieved so much.

Fast forward over 10 years later and what do you get?!?! You get a #kickass Hair Construction International Artistic Team of 40 top stylists from 10 different countries. You get a #kickass team who works on stage for many of the leading brands in the world, including Wella, Keune, Sebastian, Reuzel, Macadamia, and many others. You get 28 #kickass collections of instructional books, videos and #hairstylerecipes, all created with the same principle of helping ALL hairdressers do #kickass hair.

We are now coming off of our biggest and most fun production yet, and we at #TeamHC are full of enthusiasm and excitement for what we have in store for all you #HairPeople over the next few months. None of this would have been possible without the determination, fortitude, courage, creativity, craziness and hard work of Palle…and of course…all the amazing hairdressers who have contributed to the team along the way. Collaboration is the secret ingredient that Palle has always been able to instill in hairdressers. It is his unique ability to find and lead HC Artistic Directors to put their self interest to the side and collaborate with others, to put their own name to the side to keep the focus on what matters the most, THE HAIRDRESSER!!!

Whether he is playing piano and signing karaoke with Morten to lighten the mood, or editing pics and video with Michael and Frederik for two weeks straight, Palle always brings great energy and a positive spirit that keeps the entire artistic team coming back to our retreats for more every six months. It is truly incredible.


Last but not least…we all recognize and thank Jane, Palle’s lovely wife who probably deserves all of the credit, but since it is his birthday, we are happy to let Palle get some credit for today ;).

Palle and The HC Team has achieved so much, but as he said recently in Brazil, ‘We are just getting started…’!!!

Hugs, love and kisses from all of us Hair Constructors to you, Palle.

Happy birthday…and thank you!!! […]

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The best event in the history of hair!!! ;)

We just concluded our newest production in Canoa Quebrada, Brazil, and it was incredible!!! It is something we will never forget and are excited to share it with you in early February.

We had 39 attendees from many seven countries and over three days of shooting, we created 40 looks on 25 models. This was the biggest education production in the hair biz. Along with many cuts, colors and styles, we were able to create some great textured haircut techniques and many date night long hair stylings.

We now begin post-production on the 7,000 photos we took with our two photographers: Michael Dam Hansen and Galba Sandras. Frederik Riis also has 40 educational videos to edit. Those images and videos will be cropped, edited and organized before the book printing begins on January 30th.

The models were absolutely incredible, both in beauty and patience. They blended well with the locations we shot at, which included sand dunes, the iconic Freedom Bar, dingy alley ways, luxurious houses and 5-star hotels.

Oh…we also had a little fun! We spent an afternoon at Freedom Bar, a full day of buggy rides in the sand dunes, a beach excursion up the coast, and one finale party at Pousada Casa da Mara, the hotel we took over for one whole week! This was one production that we will never forget.
***Follow along on Facebook and Instagram  for the collection’s official release in early February ***

Final tally:

3 days
39 team members
7,000 photos
25 models
45 looks
40 instructional videos
1,000 Skol beers & 1 Million Capirinha’s 😉
And of course, only 13 mosquito bites!

Thank you to all of you who made this possible, including our amazing team, our three incredible hosts, Rosa, Andrea and Marco, and to Palle Freese for pushing everyone through the three days of shooting. As always, it was a huge team effort and the results will speak for themselves!

***Follow along on Facebook and Instagram  for the collection’s official release in early February ***






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Our next production in Brazil ;)

Our amazing Hair Construction Artistic Team will all join together in Canoa Quebrada, Brazil from January 5th to the 12th to create our next bi-annual photo and video shoot collection for you hairdressers.

Canoa Quebrada is the most amazing little beach town we have ever scouted. It has everything to make a great shoot: wonderful scenery, beautiful lighting, gorgeous models & incredible people.

We will be shooting on the beach, along some red cliffs, in the white-sand dunes, on the city streets and also in the studio. Did I mention they have gorgeous models? 😉

Brazil is perfect to help us achieve our three unique goals for this shoot:

Create some relevant and trendy looks, as always,
Create many more longhair styling videos, and
Increase our collection for textured hair.

We are happy to share this with some amazing partners we are working with for this shoot, including Model Launcher, Lybethras Swimwear, and Muche & Muchette.

Model Launcher (click here to see their site…)
Not only are they providing their Brazilian makeup artists for us, but they also did a global competition to find an upcoming Top Model that they are flying to our production. The winning model will be featured in our Stylez app and do a few looks to help build her portfolio and experience.

Muche & Muchette (click here to see their site…)
Sexy, bohemian flair is what Muche et Muchette fashion is about. The brand is chic, effortless and sexy, and is founded by two longtime friends who share the same name, Muriel. They inhabit class and style from their French roots but they express it in a chic and sexy way that makes all women look their best.

Lybethras (click here to see their site…)
Lybethras bikinis radiate natural sexiness like no other bikini at the beach or pool. Swimsuit fashion is strong in our Brazilian way of life since Brazilians take great pride in their appeance and love to show off thier outfits and bodies, especially at the beach!  All of Lybethras suits are special and unique and will make you beautifull in the beach and in your beach parties all over the world […]

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Want to do a photoshoot in Brazil? You can!

Our next collection will be created in a gorgeous town in Brazil call Canoa Quebrada. If you would like to participate in our photo and video shoot, this is your chance!

All you have to do is become a member by December 12th and you get 3 things:

1. Entered into the lottery for an all expenses paid trip to Brazil, worth $3,000,
2. The book we make in Brazil, worth $150, will be mailed to you for FREE, right when it is printed,
3. Your HC Account includes 400 instructional videos; hairstyle recipes, and you are featured in our Stylez app to better engage with clients, all for only $25 per month.

Click here….to join and become a full member. There is no setup fee, no contract, you can cancel anytime.
Click here…to sign up.

*********Click here…. to see a short video of Brazil, showing where we will do the production
*********Click here…. to see a backstage video of a recent production, something YOU can be part of.

All your expenses will be covered, including airfare, hotel, transportation, food, and you’ll have a private driver from the Fortaleza airport to the hotel in Canoa Quebrada.

Email or call with any questions:
[email protected]

Thank you for reading, and thank you for signing up with us. Our goal is to help hairdressers succeed, so if we can do anything for any of you, please tell us!

Thank you,
Cory and the HC Team! […]

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